lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2023

My Healing Experience with Zhi Neng Qi Gong

 My Healing Experience with Zhi Neng Qi Gong

Many years ago, when I was starting to study Qi Gong (Chi Kung), I don't know very well why, I took a distance course, online, of the First Level of Zhi Neng Qi Gong. I didn't manage to get much involved that time, it wasn't time yet, but I knew that Zhi Neng would enter my life at some point.

Years later, I don't really know how, I came to participate in a Zhi Neng QiGong training retreat at the school of Yves Requena, a teacher whom I have read and admired since I began my Qi Gong (Chi Kung) practice, without practically much effort. idea of ​​what he would learn from Zhi Neng - he had completely forgotten that old distance course - but with a hunch, an intuition, a strong impulse that he should go. So it was.

Very powerful things happened and I felt in that retreat a deep connection with the divine, with the miracle and with the dormant capacities of the human being.

Then came a trip to China in 2017, which included a few days of practice and training with Zhi Neng QiGong teachers, which I greatly enjoyed.

By chance, I received information about a course that Master Zhen would give in Buenos Aires in 2018.

I met him and again a very strong impulse to want to learn more.

I remember shyly approaching him and asking if I could go to his recovery center in China to learn the next levels, to which he replied yes; I knew that one day he would go, and I said goodbye telling him “see you in Beijing.” Before the year was over, I was in Beijing learning the second and third level with Teacher Zhen.

They were 27 very intense days, physically and emotionally, far from home, without my partner and two pathologies that had been very bad for me for many years. I focused my interest on one of them, but I don't know if anything changed, I couldn't check it, because I didn't want to control it again; I feel like I still need more commitment to the Zhi Neng to make it disappear.

The other, to which I did not pay much attention because I had really already "given up", a severe keratitis, which at times left me almost blind, without being able to see my own face in a mirror, - incidentally, They didn't have mirrors in the health center, and I was focused on feeling more than seeing - miraculously it disappeared.

It was not a miracle, or perhaps it was, what was surely the practice of a discipline capable of transforming any human being.

Yes, I realized when I returned home, to Buenos Aires, when at the Ezeiza airport I could read the signs on the bus drivers, handwritten with the surnames of the waiting passengers, that the keratitis had disappeared. I see well I thought... how strange... the days passed and I began to test it covering one eye, the other, and repeating it several times a week to check that I could see well. And yes, it's been almost a year and I still see well.

As the days went by, adapting to my house and my activities again, after 45 days in China, I remembered when Master Zhen, after a very deep talk and a group healing session, told me: “Now Mirta I feel that you are open”, it was magical to hear that, he knows, he knows what happens to each of his students.

I remember having, during the healing, a feeling of unity with the immensity of the universe, that which is perfect and capable of working miracles, of rearranging even the last atom of matter, which follows, without escape, the intention of the mind, that universal, non-circumscribed mind, that Hun Yuan Qi, with which we nourish and heal our body and our soul.

The tears of those days, the missing, feeling certain emotional storms, physical fatigue, discomfort, had been worth it! Enormously strengthened and having left behind an illness that avoid me living a normal and happy life.

Many things happened later, the firm purpose of advancing by giving Zhi Neng classes and training, to reach as many people as I can, who are going through a difficult situation, health, physical or emotional, because this is my purpose and without Having it very clear from the rational mind, intuition guided me without much explanation but with a firm conviction that this is good!! for me and for many others who want to join.

And today I find myself organizing this wonderful retreat in Buenos Aires, with Master Zhen, and a wonderful trip to China next year as well, in which I hope to be able to accompany, in the best possible way, my dear teacher and all the brave people who wish to a better life.